Is fear based thinking on your team and organization getting in the way of everything that needs to happen now?

What’s in your workplace?

A true change or any new direction needs to start with mindset first. And that is what Seeing Red Cars does. It’s a transformation process. Everyone is telling us that we need to change, but nobody is telling us how to change.

Seeing Red Cars is a mindset that that will help you focus on positive outcomes and stay relevant, the most critical ability going forward. The process discovers why we focus on what we fear and how we can turn fear into a focus that moves you in a positive future.

        Say you buy a red car and drive it off the lot, what do you notice? More red cars.
        You notice more red cars because that is what you are focused on. So if you have
        awareness of what you are focusing on, you get more of it. It’s about the mindset.

You’ve heard of the one-minute manager, well this is the two-minute mindset.

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What we offer

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